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View a VIDEO DEMONSTRATION of the APAS Power sonix Airborne Speaker System

Click on theKlamath County, Oregon, Sheriff's letter to learn more about Zoey's dramatic rescue.

This first generation version of the Power Sonix Airborne speaker was used to find Zoey.

Zoey's Rescue Story - 2010

Four-year-old Zoey had been missing in the Oregon wilderness for 24 hours in cold

temperatures. Military and Sheriff Helicopters used heat seeking FLIRs in hopes of

finding the young girl, but without result. Ground search teams and dogs had also

combed a one mile square area with no results.

With only two hours before sundown a call came in to Capt. Scott Bakker, Mission

Pilot for the Civil Air Patrol 105 Squadron.   

Over the radio the Curry County Sheriff said to Capt. Bakker, "I need a miracle," and he made the formal request to launch CAP Flight 3615. The aircrew requested that a family member be transported to the Brookings, Oregon, airport to make a voice recording. This voice recording would then be played repeatedly over the speaker system in hopes of getting Zoey's attention. Zoey’s grandmother and the air crew developed a script that would encourage Zoey to let the crew know were she was.

Flying over the wilderness the message was delivered via an MP3 recorder over the
Power Sonix Airborne Speaker System. The sound of Zoey's grandmother’s voice was so clear that it could be heard for over a mile; Zoey heard the message and knew her grandmother was calling for her.