Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS's) or Drones, have emerged as a significant, growing and rapidly evolving safety and security threat to the military, government agencies, critical infrastructure facilities, and first response groups.  In 2016, unauthorized flying in restricted areas has impacted and impeded emergency, firefighting and commercial air operations. 

A UAS utilized as weapons and surveillance pose a clear and present danger from a duty-of-care perspective and responsibility. 

UAS incursions to date have included, but are not limited to:
* Weaponized delivery of ordnance 
* Comprehensive surveillance and disruption 
* Conflicted airspace environments
* Covert computer hacking platforms which can land on a roof and remotely compromise   nearby computers within a facility through WiFi and Bluetooth access.
* Disruptive forces from a safety and intellectual property threat, e.g. sports stadiums, critical facilities 

TrakShield system incorporating the TrakCore C4ISR platform and Citadel hardware passively monitors all of the common UAS frequencies around the restricted airspace. Leveraging Citadel’s proprietary detection algorithms to compare all frequency activity to known UAS/drone frequency profiles. When a match occurs between a detected signal and a UAS/drone signal profile, theTrakShield System incorporating the TrakCore C4ISR platform and Citadel hardware notifies and enters its defend mode and sends the violator back to where it launched.  Capable of detecting UAS/drone activity as far away a 4km and can defend at between 30 and 50% of that distance, or it can be dialed back to defend at your property line.

TrakShield incorporating the TrakCore C4ISR platform and Citadel hardware is the only solution available that has minimal impact on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Phones and that can detect and defend against drones without damaging or destroying them. CE approved for use within metropolitan areas.

TrakShield System is available to protect the restricted airspace surrounding critical infrastructure, water reservoirs, dams, stadiums, and prisons.  It is well suited to provide "de-conflicted airspace" for wildfires, major crime scenes, marathons, protests, executive protection and dignitary protection.  For additional information contact

TrakShield is now available as an add-on option with the Guardian Group EMS's Mobile (TOC). 

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Guardian Group EMS

Guardian Group EMS

TrakShield Detect and Defend UAS/Drone System

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