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Training Programs and Exercises

Guardian Group EMS

Guardian Group EMS

Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness is a Mindset.

Without planning and execution your planning for failure.  A key component of any emergency plan is the training of personnel through tabletop and field exercises with an eye on best practices, problems and failures.  The only way to find each of these things is through exercising the plan.  Training saves lives, in this case the lives of your own as well as others.

Initial training will cover the following:

  • 1.How to setup of the shelter pods and command post
  • 2.Communications: how to use the radio’s/operate the repeaters
  • 3.Setting up the water filtration system
  • 4.GPS tracking of personnel
  • 5.Conduct table top or field exercises based on agency likely scenarios

Guardian Group EMS will provide the initial and six-month follow-up training which is included with the initial purchase of your Mobile TOC. Additional training, including table top and field exercises will be provided for an additional cost and will be tailored to your agency's needs. 

Tabletop and field exercises will include responding to earthquakes, hurricanes, Tsunamis, major floods, wildfires, cyber and EMP attacks.  Additional scenarios such as "pandemics" can be developed upon request.

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