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Guardian Group EMS

Guardian Group EMS

“That Others May Live”


The Guardian Group EMS Joint Special Operations Communications System (J.S.O.C.S) delivers a stand-alone Emergency Communication solution that mitigates the loss of life by filling the gaps when radio, internet and satellite communications are down and inoperable. This critical communication system is military grade and HIPPA-compliant with capabilities made possible by the Cinetcomm radio system.

The J.S.O.C.S. program is offered as an initial bundled solutions resource targeting the Telemedicine and Emergency Response Incident Command System (ICS) segments. These resources are, and will be, provided to Federal Agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Offices from FEMA, CDC, and Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) to instill the operations and disaster preparedness infrastructure tools needed during emergency and disaster situations.​

  • Guardian Group JSOCS provides Emergency Management Systems(EMS), Emergency Response Incident Command Systems (ICS) and Hospital Incident Command System (HCIS) that inable constant communication capabilities during a disaster, Internet failure or electric grid shutdown. By implementing the J.S.O.C.S. solution, organizations will feel comfortable knowing that a durable and secure Emergency Communications infrastructure is in place.

  • Underfunded Sheriffs, Hospitals, local/remote community rescue operation sites and cities that are cut-off from communications will be able to report their critical medical and overall needs securely. 

  • Initially, the Guardian Group's Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) Training Facility (STF) will provide specific training, scenario and exercise-based education to develop a new Emergency Rescue Response asset for emergency response groups utilizing J.S.O.C.S. in the state of Oregon and Northern California.


  • The Healthcare Emergency Communications and mobile tracking systems currently in place for the Telemedicine/Aging community is in need of repair. The J.S.O.C.S. program brings solutions to this critical lifeline for endangered/disadvantaged seniors and populations in remote areas. 

  • The Guardian Group EMS J.S.O.C.S. solution has been deployed with a completely secure encryption system that has been tested, approved and implemented by the Military, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), and a large power supply utility.