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Guardian Group EMS


Guardian Group EMS

Imagine a system that provides 2-way radio, broad-band mobile data, vehicle tracking and status across 100% of North America. Welcome to TotalConnex™ a revolutionary new hybrid communication solution that blends terrestrial and satellite wireless networks, providing a seamless web of connectivity anywhere an agency operates!

The marriage of Satellite, 3G, 4G, LTE and FirstNet backbones is a game changer for Public Safety opera-tions. The TotalConnex™ Network has intelligent routers that automatically select the least-cost, best quality transmission path based on carrier availabili-ties, with zero geographic boundaries.

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Guardian Grid Protection

Established  FY-2016
Operation Safe Comm addresses our greatest concern regarding the safety of our nation’s electric grid.
Recent terrorist threats, actual attacks and the increase in terrorist activities worldwide necessitate that all critical infrastructure agencies utilize a dedicated backup and fall-back communications system for the continuity of operations. 

A prime U.S. target under constant terrorist cyber-attack is the nation's power grid. Should the grid go down we will witness the failure of cell towers, the internet, emergency networks and hospitals' Telemedicine communications. Should the restoration of power stretch into months, the loss of life in the U.S. will be catastrophic. A robust cyber-attack-resistant fallback system is essential in securing the speedy restoration of these above mentioned services.

Starting with the power companies, the Guardians, who have partnered with  Cinetcomm  Communitions, are currently introducing the tools and systems needed to fill the gaps with emergency backup and fall-back communication systems.  The Guardians are accomplishing this through field and table top exercises as well as demonstrating how effective, secure, reliable and easy to use the Cinetcomm system is and how it will reduce the risks that occur during a series of cascading electric grid failure.

Guardians’ Director, Scott Bakker, now acts as an Advisory Board Member and consultant with  Cinetcomm  Communications  and  PEPRO LLC. 

Cinetcomm radio systems "Total Connect"

Atlantis Outreach
The Guardian Group (GG) became a member of the

Oregon Emergency Management Association in 2012.

In 2016, GG will initialize an outreach program in the

state of Oregon to act as consultants and developers

of new tools and education programs that aid with

preparedness and recovery. Guardian Group’s goal is

to connect with private and public corporations that will

financially support GG’s 2016-17 efforts to:


Part 1: Establish voice public address systems in airborne and land based configurations that are strategically located throughout the state.

​Part 2: Stage in key locations Guardian Arks filled with food, medical supplies and shelter for displaced populations. This key element will sustain life after a disaster and promote the fastest recovery possible.

Part 3: Assist Sheriffs and emergency managers with aircraft operations for all hazards operations, training and logistics to utilize all material assets, Sheriff  and Emergency Services and volunteer emergency services personnel.

Part 4: The Guardians have established a bundled solution that secures and hardens our communications by using
PEPROEMP protective Cabinets and Cinetcomm radio systemsthat are future proof.  PEPRO is the leading manufacturer of patented shielded enclosure systems for mission critical communications.

There enclosures have provided a secure environment without loss or upset of sensitive communication equipment for over 20 years. Patented Faraday Cage Technology is paramount with today’s threat of man-made or natural EMP, EMI, RFI or lighting event.

Guardian Group will share and expand its Public radio frequencies and repeaters to augment communications in a disaster.

​Part 5: Demonstrate and deploy next generation secure radio communications and cell phone repeaters that will act as a primary link for all EMS operations when all other systems are out of service. With the support of the Cinetcomm company these systems will be available initially in Oregon. Guardian Group intends to eventually have these tools available throughout the Nation.


Guardian Group EMS has partnered with ShiftPod to provide EMS responders with safe,

reliable and easy to use emergency shelters.  A number of ShiftPod shelters will be stored within

Guardian Arks, strategically throughout Oregon, Washington and California. ShiftPod shelters are

easily deployed will allow responders the ability to erect a temporary Command Post and living

facilities in the field within an hour of opening the box.  Unlike 5th wheel trailers of mobile

command posts, these shelters are lightweight, portable and easily moved into rough terrain areas. 

SiftPod's latest developments allow shelters to be interlinked with a tunnel from one to the other

allowing greater mobility and flexibility in use.  Further information can be found at: