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National Threats

Facing and dealing with natural disasters is difficult, but in today's world our nation also faces potential disasters and national threats due to acts of terrorism. Guardian Group's special ops unit is currently consulting with major power companies and emergency operation organizations in the event of the power grid going down. GG provides a future-proof compliant, inter-operability for all emergency service operations through the Guardian Group  JSOCS radio system.


  • THREAT: Natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or a naturally occurring solar flare (EMP) are capable of destroying communication infrastructure. Communication is key! First Responders require the ability to communicate to coordinate rescue and response evacuations and effect an orderly restoration of society's infrastructure.  ( Listen in as Dr. Pry addresses the US Senate on the EMP threat)

  • SOLUTIONJoint Special Operations Communications System  (J.S.O.C.S) delivers Emergency Communication solutions that mitigate the loss of life by filling the gaps when communication systems are down and inoperable.  The base of the J.S.O.C.S. bundle includes the Cinetcomm radio system that provides the most advanced radio system on the market today.   The Cinetcomm radio will be the only system left standing when the grid goes down. Easily EMP protected, and capable of secure (military encryption) voice, data, text and secure email, it will be the first and last choice for all critical infrastructures and agencies (See LA County Sheriff endorcement letter).


  • THREAT: The nation's Electric Grid & Substations are vulnerable to terrorist attack.

  • SOLUTION: Guardian Group provides a critical proactive asset of a two-tier solution to the problem by providing on-site security solutions with intrusion detection and the ability to tie-in to systems that will capture high-definition video of intruders/suspects. Solutions are capable of sending out a silent alert to a GG command center that dispatches and forwards the alert to a Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) standing by with real-time info detection for on-site Hazmat, chemical, biological and radiation hazards. Partnerships with other companies provide the second tier of security to protect the grids from cyber attacks.


IN SUMMARY: ​the J.S.O.C.S. together with Guardian Group's bundled solutions deliver the level of technology that today's Emergency Responders' need to complete life saving missions. When these capabilities are deployed the nation and the public at large are much safer and it creates the type of countermeasures needed in today's current threat levels to mitigate the loss of life on a large scale. (See Cinetcomm PP below)