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Air Operations

Search and Rescue:  

Guardian Group Air Operations stands ready to work with all local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, including the Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol Units and Border Patrol as a mutual aid force multiplier while searching for lost or injured personnel. Guardian Group Air Operations bring a number of unique technologies to assist with search and rescue operations. Our fixed wing assets are equipped with Power Sonix Airborne Public Address Systems to relay messages to stranded victims or warn the general public of a natural or man-made threat that is approaching rural areas. In addition, each air asset can also carry FM radio repeaters and a portable cell phone tower for law enforcement searches within remote areas where coverage is bad or non-existent. 

​Public Agency Assistance: 

Through our strategic partnership with Heli-Dunn, Guardian Group  is able to provide critical air drops of food, water, medical supplies, transport of essential personnel, or Medevac air operations. Guardian Group Air Ops also offers general transport for high-level dignitaries and incident commanders into and out of incident/disaster areas as well as offering executive protection details. 

Natural / Man-made Disaster Assistance (Mutual Aid): 

Guardian Group Air and Ground Operations personnel stand ready to deploy into all incident and disaster scenes with our unique ability to set up instant and reliable communications.  Our ​Joint Special Operations Communications System (J.S.O.C.S) delivers a stand-alone (without satellite or repeaters) Emergency Communication solution that mitigates the loss of life by filling the gaps when communication and internet systems are down and inoperable. The J.S.O.C.S. bundle will include the Guardian Group Command Post Incident Command System (ICS) program as an initial bundled solutions resource and will target the Telemedicine and Emergency Response ICS segments. These resources are, and will be, provided to Federal Agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Offices from FEMA, CDC, and Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) to instill the operations and disaster preparedness infrastructure tools needed during emergency and disaster situations.​     


Heli-Dunn is a full-service helicopter provider available for commercial, private, government and firefighting use. As a strategic partner with Guardian Group, Heli-Dunn compliments an additional layer of mission capabilities in addition to our fix wing assets. Heli-Dunn Helicopter Company operates out of the Medford International Airport. Through Heli-Dunn, Guardian Group provides sight security surveys for substations and transmission lines.  Heli-Dunn also provides tree limb clearing for transmission lines with their patented Heli-saw.  The Heli-saw is able to clear in one day what takes a standard crew two weeks to clear, keeping transmission lines free and clear of potential problems. www.heli-dunn.com  

Second generation

Power Sonix Airborne Speaker 

Power Sonix Airborne Public Address Systems

All Guardian Heli-Dunn aircraft will utilize the Power Sonix Airborne Public Address Systems to relay messages to stranded victims or warn the general public of a natural or man-made threat that is approaching rural areas by using specially equipped Guardian Aircraft. 

“That Others May Live”

Cesna 182 with Power Sonix Airborne Speaker

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