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Guardian Group EMS

Cessna G-1000 Glass Cockpit with new 600 Watt Airborne Speaker supported by Sawyer Aviation Scottsdale, Arizona

Oregon Outreach

The Guardian Group is committed to helping prepare the Pacific Northwest region for the Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami event. The following assets are currently being requested by Sheriffs and Emergency managers on the West Coast. 

A. Radio Communications:
1. Deploy standalone and airborne Emergency radio repeaters. 
2. Deploy standalone communication system and Incident Command System (I.C.S.) that is resilient from CYBER ATTACK.

B. Air Operations:
1. Guardian aircraft utilize the Power Sonix Airborne Public Address Systems to relay messages to stranded victims or warn the general public of a natural or man-made threat approaching rural areas by using specially equipped Guardian Aircraft. 

2. Provide critical air drops of food, water, medical supplies, essential personnel, Medevac air operations, and general transport into and out of the area. 

C. Ground Operations:
During the summer and fall 2016 and prior to "the event" it is Guardian Group's goal to place all-weather Arks containing all-hazard supplies that will sustain life until official help arrives (the estimation is that it will take approximately one month for help to arrive). 

D. Research and Development:
Continue R&D for an airborne cell phone repeater that may be deployed in remote or disaster areas that have no cell phone service. Guardian Group's goal and hope is to call out to those who are lost or in distress with the airborne speakers and inform them of the state of affairs and how they may seek help (i.e., "We are the cell tower. Please call 9-1-1 and we will find you").

  • New Airborne and Portable speaker demonstration: Completed July 27, 2012 

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Scott Bakker
Executive Director