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"That others may live." 

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Guardian Group Emergency Management Services

The Guardian Group EMS Emergency Management Services (GG EMS) and Friends of the Guardians from Above (non-profit 501-C3) currently assist local and regional law enforcement and Emergency Management Agencies with educational training, material and personnel assets. GG also conducts research and development for new technical tools and develops mutually accepted standard operating procedures that will mitigate the loss of life when a crisis or natural disaster strikes.


The Guardian Oath

A Guardian's greatest gift is to stand in the gap above self to make a difference for humanity. Our endeavors will help ease the pain of peril of our citizenry in need with every act. Our moral & ethical values are held at the highest level as examples for all mankind.

Guardians will be vigilant against elements of a criminal or terrorist nature to maintain order for our community and its citizens. These efforts will directly support  local and regional law enforcement officials. Guardians will be always faithful to maintain our oath in support of the Guardian motto. 


"That Others May Live"   

Please contact Friends of Guardians From Above with any questions. Donations are greatly appreciated and may be made toward the project or mission of your choosing.

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